I’m interested . . . in maps to reach my goals

Regardless of whichever career path you choose, you still need a map of how to get there. The following maps can show you step by step the paths you need to take to complete your certificate training at KCC, and even to move on into our associate’s program.
Allied Health Paths
Do you have a knack for helping others, are warmhearted and enjoy connecting with people? The Allied Health field may be for you.

Certified Nursing Aide

Emergency Medical Technician

Clinical Medical Assistant

EKG/ECG Technician

Phlebotomy Technician

Patient Advocate/Health Coach

Social and Human Services Assistant

Substance Abuse Counselor

Business Administration Paths

If you like solving puzzles, are detail-oriented and have good math skills, a career in the business administration/accounting field may be for you.

Accounting Clerk

Billing Clerk

Tax Preparer

Hospitality & Culinary Paths

Do you have a hunger to please people by creating food? Are you organized and a team player? Can you go all day and have energy leftover? If yes, a career in the culinary arts may be satisfying for you.


Event Planner

Food Service Team Member

Kitchen Assistant

STEM Paths

I you are interested in engineering and architecture, are a team player, an excellent communicator and like challenges, a career in project management could be the right fit for you.

Are you a perceptive problem solver who pays attention to details while planning for the big picture? A career in the UX Design profession could be for you.

Civil Engineering Technician

Junior UX Designer


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